Critique Group

I’ve got my dialogue, my senses, my scenery, my descriptions… but I know my critique group will point out something obvious that I won’t be able to believe that I missed!!  That’s why I love these ladies.  Different viewpoints, different opinions, and my writing is immensely better because of them.

Wish me luck tonight!

I should…

I should I should I should write something tonight.  Or edit something tonight.  I have about five pages of dialogue with no emotions, body language, or scenery.  I should fix this. 

Sometimes I don’t want to write anything.  And then my writing seems forced.  Sometimes, though, it’s good to get something on paper and fix it later.  I can add the senses and feelings once I know what they are.  Getting the dialogue out is a start.

Hello, says me

I’ve been published in a magazine.

I came in second in a RWA writing contest.

I have one completed story and about three partial princesses.

And those are my only credentials to date.

I’m learning, though.  I go to workshops, take notes, try to apply them.  I attempt to write out plots, only to veer from them by the time I get to the second chapter.  I belong to a critique group who has taught me SO MUCH and made my skin much thicker.  I’ve contacted seven agents, four of whom said no thanks, one who said no thanks but told me I was close (in a handwritten note, even!), one who passed me on to another in her agency, who then said no thanks, and one who asked for a partial before saying no thanks.   

But I’m learning!