It’s May 7, 2013. Happy Birthday, WHO WANTS TO MARRY A COWBOY? !!!

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Cowboy on my Kindle

Cowboy on my Kindle

What are folks saying about it?
Lisa Jordan of Library Journal called Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy? “charming.”

Mary Gramlich, The Reading Reviewer, said “Abigail Sharpe hits the button on romantic perfection.”

“Charming and witty.  Abigail Sharpe will delight you.” from Christie Craig.

My first novel.  I’ll get my print copies on Thursday.  (And then I’m going to a book store and shelving it between Jill Shalvis and Maggie Shayne, and then taking a picture!) Holding my reality in my hands.  It’s going to be amazing.

Thank you to those who have gone on this journey with me.  This is just a stop along the way.

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