Awww, poor guy… he was just trying to be helpful

I was at Publix yesterday, staring at the buy-one-get-one-free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  For reasons I won’t mention (and that certainly have nothing to do with me eating ANY of it), I had to replace the Chocolate Therapy flavor we bought the day before.  While I was deciding on the get-one-free flavor, a guy about 20 started staring at them with me.  We chatted about the importance of picking the right flavor, then he chose his (Chocolate Therapy and another I didn’t see) and went on his way.  Then I picked mine (Chocolate Fudge Brownie fro-yo).

I ended up behind him at the cashier’s.  As I took my wallet from my purse, something fell out and hit the floor.  He bent down before I could react, and picked up my nicely-wrapped maxi pad.

Thank goodness I’m beyond being embarrassed about things like that.  But he blushed as I took it from him and said thank you.  Poor kid.

I don’t think I’m going to turn that one into a meet-cute for a novel.


      • says

        Actually, since he is a guy and most like to exaggerate, he’s probably saying, “You should’ve seen the size of that thing. Somewhere out there a Boeing 777 is missing a wing!” LOL

  1. barbarabettis1 says

    Yep, something that would have devastated you just a few years ago, but now, it’s just a blip in the road. You know, he’ll probably have a good story to tell, too LOL

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      Maybe a decade ago. I remember when I was in high school some boy was going through a friend’s purse and took out her tampon case. “What’s this?”

      Ah, the young and uninformed.

  2. says

    If you don’t want it, can I use it? That’s hilarious.

    My theory as to why, when you ask a man to retrieve XX from inside your purse, and he brings you the whole purse, is men are deathly afraid of coming in accidental contact with a feminine sanitary project. Wonder how long it took him to wash the girl-cooties off, at home.

    • says

      it is all yours, Beverly. BUT name a character Abby. *grin* I’ll consider that a fair trade. (a nice character!)

      hahahahaha girl cooties!!! Love it!!!!

      And I think your theory is excellent. I’m going to have to watch that more.

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