How far she’s come

For those who don’t know – I like to consider myself somewhat of a grammar queen.  I know more about comma placements and where apostrophes go than I ever wanted to know.  I also write technical manuals, so that helps.

Eden Glenn was in my critique group, and while her stories were fascinating, I had a hard time following along because of comma issues and run on sentences and other things.  She moved to another state so she had to leave our group, but we kept in touch and celebrated when she got published!

I read her novella, Raynia’s Magic.  And I could feel her in the pages and like the title, it was magic.  Smooth and engaging and amazing.  Hard work, ladies and gentlemen.  She found her niche and her groove and blossomed and I couldn’t be happier to read her work.

Okay, I know this posts sounds like an advertisement, but I wanted to relay how proud I am of her ability to stick to it and learn and grow and gain the published goal.


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    “Smooth, engaging, amazing.”
    Wow! Good work, ladies. You’ve just described the books that I love to read. Learning to write so the images flow in your reader’s heads is the biggest trick. Looks like you’ve tapped into the mother lode. Go Eden and Abigail!

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