My life lately

When I’m not near my computer, I think of all the great things I want to post.  Like funny things my kids say or something interesting that happened.

But when I’m AT my computer, all I do is work on my manuscript, edit my manuscript, transcribe the edits of my manuscript, or talk about my manuscript.

Ooh – fun coincidence that I figured out yesterday – if my release date for Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy doesn’t change, it will be released exactly a year after I received The Call.  Neat!

Anyway, Who Wants to Marry a Doctor is due next week.  And it’s done.  It’s with my beta reader.  And so far, so good.  She’s almost at the middle, which I hope won’t sag like the one on my body.

But to go back to my kids – here is a cute story about Thing1.  I declared at dinner yesterday that for an hour afterward, nothing that passed for electronic entertainment could be used in the house and we were going to spend time TOGETHER.  I was tired of my family not communicating with each other.  I wanted to remember what color eyes everyone has.

After dinner Thing1 announced he was going to call his friend.  When I told him no, he claimed he wasn’t going to talk about Minecraft (his latest obsession).

He had completely forgotten the reason for the ban was so we could act as a family.  I told him fine, go, and I was leaving to go to BooksAMillion since all they needed me for was to cook and drive them places.

T1 backtracked.  “We need you,” he said.  “We need someone to tell us when to get off the computer.”

“You like when I tell you to get off the computer?”

He pointed to his head.  “In here, no.”  He pointed to his heart.  “In here, yes.”

That melted me right quick!  I love my boys.  🙂

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