I feel like I learned something

Went to my mom’s for Chanukkah with the intent of reading my story on a printed page and doing markups by hand.  With the six hour drive down and husband behind the wheel, I figured I’d get a whole bunch of pages done on the first day easy.

Only we stopped for a bathroom break 2 hrs in and he asked me to drive afterward.  *sigh*

The visit with my mom was so full of activity that I’ve been so sleepy at night and not able to edit as much as I liked.  Same with the drive back.  But tonight I plan on sleeping A LOT and get a fresh start tomorrow.  After wench singing rehearsal.

One cool thing?  The last time I printed out this story and did edits by  hand, there was at least one change on every page.  Usually four or five, but all had at least one.  This time?  Most pages only have one or two, and some have NONE at all!!!  Go me!!

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